Blown film test

Blown film test


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There are many challenges facing Blown Film producers including energy and material costs,  waste & scrap reduction,  higher productivity, consistent quality and inventory management.

TSM  are continuously working with our customers to address these challenges and can offer a complete solution to producers in the Blown Film sector utilising our full range of products and over 35 years of expertise.



  • Stable Bubble
  • MD (machine direction) and CD (cross direction) control
  • Increased Throughput
  • Material Savings
  • Uniform Profile Thickness
  • Patented Homogeneous Mixing
  • High Regrind usage as standard
  • High Accuracy Dispensing up to .01% of Batch
  • Material Usage Statistics
  • Data Historian and product traceability.
  • Multiple communication. protocols
  • High reliability


Blending Technology

  • Full range Batch Blenders 50-3000kg/hr
  • Full range LIW blenders 100-800kg/hr
  • Material handling and inventory management
  • Unique patented reverse flight auger mixing 
  • New Control Algorithm allowing down gauging which creates significant material savings.
  • Ability to handle high % regrind material


Automatic Gauge Control System

  • Automatic Air Ring
  • Internal Bubble Cooling
  • Film Calibration Systems
  • Automatic Profile Control