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TSM "Insight"

08 Sep 2017

 TSM's new cloud based insight product. giving Insight. with Industry 4.0

TSM’s latest innovation is an important step forward into the world of data gathering and analytics. As a gravimetric suppler every grain of raw ingredient is weighed on its way into the process on our equipment. We can gather that data to a central user friendly interface and analyse it is real time to produce dashboards that will enable your business to make the decisions it needs to. The information and analysis tool will allow you to pinpoint where and when waste is happening in your process.   

Core Modules

Materials Management

Energy Management

Uptime Management

Productivity Management

OEE Monitoring

This technology will be designed to integrate with other third party equipment throughout your enterprise. Material data gathering and insight technology has been designed to be compatible with all blenders produced in the last 7 years.