Extrusion Control

Layer Ratio

TSM's central control panel provides layer ratio control and a central overview of the co-extrusion process for up to 12 layers. It can also monitor blender data and extruder data on individual extruders of the multilayer process simultaneously.

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Line View

TSM’s new Line View Management and Control system is the successor to the TSM CP9000 system and provides a supervisory and single window to all key operating parameters associated with the extrusion production process. All information is presented in an intuitive interface allowing for easy operator navigation. Systems can be provided with core functionality and add-on configurable options.

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Width Gauging

The TSM Automatic Width Control System gives the customer, several options for maintaining a specific bubble size during normal operation. These options are ideal for managing on-the-fly size changes, reducing the time it takes to get the bubble on size and also minimizing changes in layflat due to temperature conditions or film stretch.

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